A very different individual. I am more sceptical than previously. I question everybody’s motives for anything, I just feel like I am detached from the rest of society, so as far as I try to link with it I could feel as though I am an outsider looking in (I guess it is the way meat-eaters look at me at all honesty).

Where would our five-year-old selves be in this world?

I know mine will be sitting at a backyard somewhere searching for insects and smallish creatures because I loved them (and still do). Would five-year-old you be encouraging the animal cruelty that’s happening?

It isn’t all bad though, I have felt encouraged sometimes, through my sister talking up for me and enabling my veganism to be her voice also. And I’ve felt lonely, the first six months were awful, I believed attacked and persecuted however that I learnt how to take care of it. I learnt that individuals strike when they feel vulnerable so If I could give them some wisdom and passion they (most often than not) share some understanding with me. I’ve felt restricted for pick at some pubs and food chains and I’ve felt spoilt to choice in others.

The most important thing I’ve felt is the overpowering sadness. That I can not get other people to understand how horrendously the animals have been treated mistreated and that they’re not a ‘food’ they are animals, that have infants and lives they want to call home. Like I mentioned at the beginning, Santorini was a massive turning point for me personally. I really felt as though humans were disgusting for treating animals like this. As soon as I realised it was not just Santorini, it was the entire world doing it (and mistreating them considerably worse) I felt physically sick to my tummy.

Veganism is all about spreading the ‘reduce’ that your cruelty message and influence on the planet. Labelling veganism as a ‘strict’ and tempered lifestyle can definitely segregate those who wish to try and lessen their influence on the world.

A lot of my own veganism comes through food, therefore I guess I am more ‘plant-based’ with vegan tendencies?

People that are cutting out meat and dairy but still consuming eggs do a lot more than individuals that aren’t attempting. So why would we ever segregate them? I strive my best to be vegan as much as possible but in regards to days where I’m out without going to and there’s no food. I am reducing my impact on the entire world all year and provided that I am not knowingly eating animal products ( I try my best to pack food each time that I leave the home) then I shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed (even though I really do) for consuming those products when I’m struggling.